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  1. 3 Big Events For Supporting Local For The Holidays

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    The Holidays are fast approaching and your local business owners are gearing up for a spectacular local holiday season. We have so much in the works and want to share it all with you. Our goal is a whole “Shift Your Shopping” approach encouraging the community to think about small businesses before they head out shopping for the season. A little support goes a long way. As a thank you for your support you’ll get chances to win $250 in NLF Bucks that can used as cash to shop local!

    First up is Plaid Friday

    Local First initiatives all over the country have adopted this great adaptation to Black Friday. The name Plaid Friday was conceived  from the idea of weaving the individual threads of small businesses together to create a strong fabric that celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses. Plaid Friday is the relaxing and enjoyable alternative to the big box store “Black Friday,” and is designed to promote both local and independently owned businesses during the holidays.

    While wearing plaid is not essential if you do wear plaid we will love to see it and you’ll get more chances to win in our a Local Shopping Spree!! Read on….

    Small Business Saturday


    We will promoting a “Shop Small Weekend” from Friday through Sunday incorporating Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday into one with Sunday as an added bonus!

    When you shop at any of our participating business Nov 27-29th you can pick up a Shop Small Passport. For each purchase you make in a small business you’ll get a sticker (or stamp or code). Each sticker is a chance to win. The more stickers, the more chances. Wear plaid and you’ll get a bonus chance to win! Any plaid will do. (sure, plaid socks count just be sure to show them to us at checkout!)

    We will be giving away $250 Local First Bucks. The Grand prize is $125, Second prize is $75 and third prize is $50.

    What about your favorite business that isn’t retail or does not have a storefront? We’ve got that covered too. Service based businesses can offer a promotion that you can order over and pay for over the phone. You’ll receive a special code that can used on your passport and counts as an entry.

    Passports will be available in all participating retail locations in the days before Thanksgiving. You will also be able to print one from home here.

    Passports can be submitted at your last stop of the day or returned to various drop boxes at Heart & Stone, The Purple Rose and Lala Java by end of the day Monday Nov 30th.   

    Small Business Saturday has grown more and more every year and we are so grateful for the community for their support!

    Last, but not least, The Northboro Holiday Trolley


    Climb aboard the 10th Annual Northboro Holiday Trolley as it makes its way up and down Main Street, stopping along the way at designated businesses, churches and library, all decked out to help families celebrate the season. Enjoy caroling on the trolley with vocal singers and participate in holiday activities, crafts, music, food & drink along the way, all while supporting local businesses.

    We are still planning so our site will be updated soon…

    Riders will receive a complimentary shopping bag, courtesy Central One Federal Credit Union & Northboro Local First, and a trolley map. Collect raffle tickets at Designated Stops to bring to the Community Affairs Tree Lighting ceremony at Blake Street at 5:00PM to be entered to win some fabulous raffle prizes. Grand Prize! A $500 Shopping Spree at any of 30+ Northboro Businesses from Northboro Local First.


  2. Meet Rita Matraia of The Core Connection

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    coreThe Core Connection & Yoga Loft located at 290 West Main Street in Northborough is a premier fitness studio offering a variety of classes to address all fitness needs. Our overall focus is correct movement, body awareness and core engagement in order to provide a safe and effective environment for getting strong and staying healthy. We offer Pilates on the mat and reformer, Yoga, Zumba, Barre, Barefoot Cardio, Personal Training, Restorative Exercise and much more. Our programs meet the needs of teens to elders. There is truly something for every BODY!

    About Rita:  Starting my career in the business world as an auditor and completing my MBA in Entrepreneurship provided me with the skills needed to thrive in today’s business world. As a young competitive gymnast, the capabilities of the body had Core Imagealways fascinated me and throughout my business career, movement was always my escape during heavy work loads. I came to realize that physical activity was my true passion and I was driven to help others incorporate movement into their lives. Helping my clients to achieve their goals pushes me to continually learn more and more about the body in order to provide an exceptional level of fitness training.


    What inspires you?

    My clients inspire me the most because they are so committed to living full, healthy lives and work hard to make fitness and well-being a priority in their lives for themselves and their families.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    So many things! I love the team of instructors and staff that I work with. I love being able to implement the latest fitness research immediately into the business so that all can benefit. And I love being able to give back to the community with events like the Turkey Trot (a Thanksgiving Day 5k to benefit the Northborough Food Pantry).

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?Core image 5

    My husband is from Northborough and we decided to raise our family here because it is such a wonderful town. I wanted to have a positive effect on the community that I live in. This was extremely important to me.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    This is is where we live and work. It is important to support each other and keep our community strong by providing jobs and economic opportunity to our local community. This will enable us to continue to deliver unique services and products that you just can’t get in big chains.

    You’re celebrating 8 years. Congratulations!! What do you attribute this success to?

    Building this business one client at a time and one instructor at a time.  I take the time to consult with potential clients about the different classes we have and what I think would be best for them. I have worked hard to find expert instructors who understand movement and have the commitment and the vision that I have to help others. The clients who work out at The Core Connection know that we are a family that supports each other, works hard and has fun together.

    core image 4Quick Fire Round:

    • My first job:  Providence Journal Paper Route at 12 years old
    • My favorite movie: Working Girl
    • I cannot live without: Movement and the great outdoors
    • Beach or mountains: Mountains! Hiking and breathing fresh air.
    • The best advice I ever received: Love what you do.
    • A cause I care deeply about:  Hunger

    Photo’s by Joyce Maranto of Maranto Studios

  3. Meet Laurie Heffernon from Done in a Day Decorating

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    done-in-a-day-decorating-logoDone in a Day Decorating is located in Marlborough, generally serving clients within Greater Boston, Metrowest and Central Mass.


    Tell us about your background and how Done in a Day Decorating came to be?

    I have a Master’s degree in Economics and for 11 years I worked at Sun Life in Wellesley in insurance product management and marketing.  I originally wanted to go to school for interior design but I could not make that work at the time, so I went down a different road.  I left Sun Life after the expenses of my daughter’s college were complete.  The timing was then right for a change.   I started my design company in November 2004 after I became certified in staging (to sell a home) and redesign (use what you have decorating) – hence the name “Done in a Day Decorating”.  My business has evolved over 11 years to be

    more traditional interior design, but I still do an occasional staging or redesign job.

    heffernon bedroomWhat inspires you?

    The beauty of the world and its spaces.  I am always looking at the details wherever I go, I like to internalize what makes things looks great, and why some things are off. This gets me in trouble if I don’t watch my eyes when I get invited to a party in someone’s house!  I love color, depth, texture, balance, and fun design!  I dream interior design!

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    Independence; owning the “product” yourself; meeting new people weekly and working with other small businesses.  I also like the freedom to visit my daughter and grandchildren in Virginia without coordinating one more person’s corporate project deadlines.  My business is flexible.

    Why did you choose the Northboro area for your business location?

    Because that is where I live!  I have a home office in my home in Marlboro but in 11 years I have met there with a client just once.  Client meetings are at their home or while we are shopping (if they like to tag along.)  My husband and I both grew up in Framingham and moved to Marlboro 18 years ago.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    It’s hard to be a small business owner now. Just think what the internet has done to store owners?  Just think of the “free” heffernon traditional-dining-roomguidance store owners give away to patrons who then purchase online from businesses with low overhead.  I network within my business community on a weekly basis. There are innumerable ways to help each other succeed in our businesses.  Shopping local is so important to our economy, and to making it unique!

    You said you’re celebrating 11 years. Congratulations!! What do you attribute this success to?

    Studying the world and continuing my design education.  Happy clients who spread the word about me.  A formal background in business planning, marketing, and product management.  And, a great crew of local entrepreneur experts who advise me and make my designs come to life.  I could not do it without them!

    Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?

    That’s hard.  I have several favorite clients, but stories?  I would have to say that the best stories would come though situations where clients hire me because they know they have no design talent but they push back on every change that I suggest.  When I finally get them out of their comfort zone, and we finish the project, they can’t believe they fought so hard and have trouble parting with their room to go about life!  Success!

     heffernon traditional-bedroomQuick-fire Round

    • My first job was: McDonald’s in Framingham on Rt. 30.
    • My favorite movie is: Not sure…? So many.  I keep telling new homeowners to watch “Money Pit.”  You have to have a few months under your belt to appreciate it.  Make sure you go to the bathroom before you see it.
    • I cannot live without:  My wonderful husband John.  I would be lost.
    • Beach or mountains: Beach.  St. John every year!  But, we stay on a mountain there!
    • The best advice I ever received is:  If you don’t love what you do, don’t get stuck doing it your entire life.
    • A cause I care deeply about is: Education and preserving history for future generations.


    Portrait by Nicole Leblanc at Le Petite Studio


  4. Meet Vicki Martelli and Kim Reed from The Purple Rose

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    heading_GiftCertificateThe Purple Rose is located at 140 Main St. Once an antique store now an eclectic home decor and gift shop for the lover of vintage style and unique gifts.

    Tell us about your background and how The Purple Rose came to be?

    Vicki: I started with New England telephone in 1976 and eventually climbed up to a store manager position at a number of MA AT&T phone center stores. In 1995 there was a divestiture and the transferable positions were not to my liking, so I left the trade I knew for 23 years with no idea what was next. I always loved antiques and the Victorian Era and really wanted to open a tea room. So together, with another local business owner, we looked into the building at 10 Church St (now Special Tea’s). He would purchase the building and I would have rented the first floor. After many efforts to change zoning and some other issues with the building, the deal fell through. I set out to find my own building and on a whim in early 1997, I purchased our building at 140 Main St. The zoning would not allow for a restaurant (really a good thing since I can’t really cook to save my life) and I began to fill it with antiques. It’s evolved since then to the unique and vintage inspired home décor and gift shop we are today.

    Old Cash Wrap
    Kim: My story starts with making my Junior Prom dress. That’s when I decide to go to school for Fashion Design. I received my degree from Framingham State and American Intercontinental University in London and moved to Southern California. I worked for Guess for about a year and then mom called one day and asked me to design some unique and ready-made curtain panels for her customers. In 2005, I moved back east and with my designs I started my own silk drapery line that I had manufactured in India. I did this for a couple of years, but what I really wanted was to be on the retail side. The buying and decorating were what really interested me. So for the last 10 years I worked with mom updating and freshening up the store so it’s not just for the antique lover anymore. 

    What inspires you?

    Kim: For both of us it’s travel. Even if it’s just playing hooky for a day and jaunt off in the car. Other beautiful shops and our vendors are a huge source of inspiration so we love travelling to the trade shows to see their latest showroom displays.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    Vicki: Everything. Being able to decorate or change things at our discretion. Also getting to know our customers on a hugging basis. They become like family.

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    Vicki: I have lived in Northboro for almost 40 years. It’s my home.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?Small PurpleRose-6702

    Kim: Local business is Northboro. So are the community groups, the churches, the people. We are the people of Northboro and supporting our own makes the town stronger as a whole. The friends and connections I have made through Northboro Local First are invaluable.

    Being local and small, tell us what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

    Kim: Get to know your customers, if they let you. Some people are private, and that’s ok, but acknowledge them. Remember what they’ve bought and make suggestions. Ask them how their husband, baby, mother… are doing. Show them you care, because you do. Since we’ve been in business for 18 years, we’ve seen some of our first customer’s children get married or have babies of their own. Second generations are now shopping with us. We’ve grown with them and heard their stories and know them. Through good times and bad.

    Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?

    Kim: There are so many it’s hard to share just one. I enjoy making our customers laugh and we do that a lot here.

    Vicki: I feel the same as Kim, but I do have this strange ability to think of a customer that I haven’t seen or that I’ve been thinking about and they show up at the store within a week or so. Our customers love to hear that we think of them.
    Small PurpleRose-6666Quick-fire Round

    • My first job was: Vicki– Community National Bank sorting checks.  Kim– Tougas Farm making the donuts
    • My favorite movie is: Vicki– Gone with the Wind.   Kim– Right Now… Midnight in Paris
    • I cannot live without: Vicki– My husband and Sammy our shop dog.  Kim: Family, chocolate, a good book, the seasons, history.
    • Beach or mountains: Vicki– Beach. Kim– Both
    • The best advice I ever received is: Vicki– Be yourself. Kim:  My dad always said “You’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.”    
    • A cause I care deeply about is: We both are very passionate about proper mental health care.


    Photos by Nicole Leblanc at Le Petite Studio


  5. Meet Sue from Just So Designs–Susan Ogar Photography

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    Just So Color LogoJust So Designs–Susan Ogar Photography is a Northborough-based studio specializing in children, families and high school senior portraiture.


    Tell us about your background and how Just So Designs-Susan Ogar Photography came to be?

    I’ve always loved art and design. I was 5 when I tried to create a photographic print from a slide in my family’s basement. When I was 13 I developed my first print in the darkroom and there was no turning back. It wasn’t a direct route, but the dream was there… In 2007, after a rewarding career in Marketing and Design, I decided to take the leap and follow my bliss. I had studied film photography and photojournalism in college and beyond and embraced the challenges of learning the the ins and outs of digital photography. Just So Designs-Susan Ogar Photography was born. My goal is to capture moments in the life of real people and create pieces of art that can be enjoyed for generations. I am a Board Member of the Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts and love working with and learning from other photographers.

    2015 Family portfolio logoWhat inspires you?

    Light, Life, Beauty…. Often the little moments inspire me. A mother kissing her child to comfort her or a quite moment between a couple…those are what I love to capture in my work. Life inspires my photography and photography inspires my life.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    I love that I can create something from soup to nuts and I love working with people. It’s funny, when I started in photography, I was doing mostly landscapes and artsy work. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to photograph people. Now, the people are my favorite part!

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    Northborough is my home. It just made sense.

    We moved here 15 years ago from the city to raise our family in a smaller town with good schools and access to great locations. What we found was a rich local community filled with amazing shops, restaurants and, best of all, wonderful people.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    I have always loved local businesses–even as a kid, growing up in Sudbury, I used to love to go to the local gourmet shop for cheese and candy, and later in Boston and Brookline. Local business is the heart of every community.2013 PPAM Portrait-1 Russo FB

    Being local and small, tell us what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

    Personal contact and relationships are everything to a small business. I love when I receive good customer service and always strive to give my best to each client. I want people to LOVE not only their photos, but also their experience with Just So.

    Favorite Customer Story: All of my clients come with a story. Two years ago, I started a special project Honoring Mothers of Children with Special or Different Needs. In doing the project, I have learned so much and met such amazing and strong women. The experience has changed the way I work with children and I am the one who is feels honored to work with such wonderful people.

    NLF -5513 Sue Ogar Final(2)Quick-fire Round

    My first job was: Mowing lawns with my brothers and working as a lighting assistant with a local wedding photographer.
    My favorite movie is: Stand by Me.
    I cannot live without: Sunshine and light.
    Beach or mountains: I am a true Beach girl. My husband loves the mountains. So, now I love both….
    The best advice I ever received is: The best things in life aren’t things.
    A cause I care deeply about is: Education and Pediatric Cancer. Our family has recently become involved with the amazing Ty Louis Campbell Foundation http://www.thetlcfoundation.org (SuperTy).


    Photo’s by Nicole Leblanc at Le Petite Studio

  6. Meet Kim Gebo of Ebb n’ Flow Yoga

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    ebbnflow logo

    Ebb n Flow Yoga is located at 265 Main St in Northboro. Whether on a mat or in the air,  giving you a new perspective on your practice is their goal.


    Tell us about your background and how Ebb n’ Flow came to be:

    Ebb n’ Flow yoga was an idea brought into practice by a mother daughter team. Whenever I ebb too high, she is always there to reel my head back out of the clouds, or whenever she flows too low I’m there to pull her back up to the surface. This comfort, strength, and confidence that we find in the ebb and flows of our own family is what we hope to establish here at Ebb n’ Flow yoga. The place for you to come to be grounded, to be well and to find ones true self.

    What inspires you?ebbnflow-4025

    All things can be a source of inspiration.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    Owning a small business allows you to be part of and serve your local community.  We wish to serve our community by promoting health and wellness and to inspire peace and bliss for many.

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    We already had a local connection and it made sense to continue that.

    Why do you feel that supporting local business is important?

    Supporting local businesses gives you the feeling of supporting your neighbor.  You get to interact with real people who live in, work in and support the community.

    Being local and small, tell us  what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

    We feel that being genuine and treating others the way you would like to be treated are strong customer service strategies.

    ebb n flow 2Quick Fire Round:

    • I cannot live without: good health
    • Beach or mountains: why choose?
    • The best advice I ever received is: Expect nothing and you will be pleasantly surprised with what comes


    Photo’s By Nicole Leblanc At Le Petite Studio

  7. Meet Ande Lockwood, Owner of Craftworks

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    CWlogoCraftworks is Located at 243 West Main St, tucked in the corner of the Lowes Market plaza, is a hidden gem of American and local made gifts and an array of classes fit for any knitting, crochet or fiber enthusiast.

    Tell us about your background and how Craftworks came to be?

    I come from a family of artists and have always been encouraged to find my ‘niche’ which turned out to be primarily quilting and sewing, and in later years evolved into anything that involved fiber of any type. Hence, knitting, crochet, weaving etc etc.NLF Craftworks-7 JS

    In the early 80s we moved from Southern CA to Northboro and shortly thereafter I became involved with a craft cooperative in town – Craftworks. Craftworks opened their doors in 1979 and we have yet to skip a beat, adding new crafters all the time. There are over 80 crafters currently involved with the shop.   

    What inspires you?

    I am truly inspired by nature, colors and textures, especially the unexpected combinations. If you stand still and look around you will be amazed at all the colors, shades of green, textures of everything around you and translating this into yarn/fiber … Maybe I see fiber dyeing in my future! But in the meantime definitely adding weaving ….

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    I love the flexibility of being able to help folks, support the community in small ways and share the love of what we do with others.

    NLF Craftworks-6 JSWhy did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    Many of the founding members of the original cooperative lived in Northboro – as does our family – so it made sense to stay here in town.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    Local business is able to give back to the town in so many ways that a large business  is not able to do. We get to know the folks who live here, their passions and their struggles, and as they visit our shop we are able to reach out in so many of the small ways that make a difference in people’s lives, like giving them a much needed hug, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on and to help them find the perfect gift or project. Small business is the fabric that lends a hand to a town defining its character.

    NLF Craftworks-12 JSBeing local and small, tell us what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

    One of the most important elements is that we are able to reach out to customers and make them feel special as they all are, and to be aware of what is going on in their lives, to share with them things we think they will enjoy.

    Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?

    There are so very many it would be difficult to choose one…. so many small things like being able to help an 80+ year old customer who wanted to pick up and finish a sweater she started over 30 years ago. We were able to figure out the pattern, where she was, she finished it and wore it proudly!

    NLF Craftworks-2 JSQuick-fire Round

    My first job was: as a lapidary

    My favorite movie is: Pretty Woman

    I cannot live without: my family and almonds

    Beach or mountains: ohhh tough one – off season beach

    The best advice I ever received is: to do what your heart says is right

    A cause I care deeply about is: Wounded Warrior Project/ our Vets we owe them so much

    Photos by Sue Ogar of Just So Designs

  8. Northboro Local First is Hiring!

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    Local nonprofit seeking a part time administrative assistant for growing local business alliance. Northboro Local First is a collaborative effort by local, independent small business owners, community members, nonprofit organizations and all stakeholders of the Northoboro community to help build & maintain a vibrant local economy in and around Northboro MA.
    With 50 plus members and growing, the position will require the following:

    Attendance at board and member meeting as role of Secretary. 1 per month occasionally more. Usually on a Wednesday evening. Coordinate with Board for set up, and take minutes at meetings.

    Create a system to organize memberships. Update members on renewal notices. Distribute new member packets. Assist members with completing directory listing.

    Manage member’s social media and blog posts. Mostly cut and paste.
    Keep track of member’s positions on committees and other involvements.

    Help run community events put on by NLF such as The Holiday Trolley and Applefest Gala.


    • Must have experience with administration for business.
    • Available 10-15 hours a week. Some to most being during business hours of 9-5
    • Able to work independently and problem solve if need be.
    • Organizational and interpersonal skills. Adaptable and personable. Detail oriented.
    • Experienced in word processing and spreadsheet preparation.
    • Confident self-starter; ability to prioritize, juggle multiple assignments and follow-through.
    • Familiarity with Facebook for pages and linking and tagging other businesses.
    • Must have a personal computer and printer.
    • Must be available for monthly weeknight meetings.
    • Ability to work effectively with peers, Board of directors, senior staff, volunteers, and public
    • Ability to take ownership of a process; to use problem solving skills to resolve issues
    • Driving License Required

    Please Send resume to info@northborolocalfirst.org.

  9. Get to Know Linda Bock from Beezers

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    BeeZers is located at 277 Main St in the Trombetta’s building. Famous for serving the most insanely delicious Chicago Hot Dogs around, also has a fun menu of gourmet hot dogs, paninis, sandwiches and wraps.

    Tell us about your background and how BeeZers came to be?

    BeeZers came to be based on my obsession with Chicago hot dogs. I was born and raised in Chicago, so I grew up eating them. When my family moved to Northboro in 1993, I could not find authentic Chicago hot dogs in New England.
    beezers hotdogs

     A Chicago hot dog is an all all-beef dog served in a poppy seed bun, topped with yellow mustard, neon-green relish, chopped onions, tomato and cucumber slices, a crisp dill pickle and a sprinkle of celery salt. Sport peppers from the Windy City are optional. A total party for your mouth!

    Both my husband Steve and myself had extensive background in the foodservice industry in Chicago and on the West Coast, so when it came time to open a business – a restaurant featuring Chicago hot dogs made perfect sense.

    What inspires you?

    In my case, it is not so much what, but who. My two smart, savvy, independent daughters inspire me.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    I have this great boss! Seriously, the thing I truly love most about being an entrepreneur is sharing good food experiences with others. I agree with Julia Child, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    Northboro chose my family when we moved from California over 20 years ago because of the excellent school system. We fell in love with this charming town, the wonderful community, and its ideal location. It was an easy decision to stay in town when it came time to open a restaurant.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    The most basic reason: Simple economics. Compared to chains, locally-owned businesses return a much larger share of their revenues to the community. And really, can you imagine a world with just the big box stores?

    Being local and small, tell us what you feel is the most important element to customer service?beezers-3836

    The most important element to customer service is surprise – a pleasant surprise. That intangible little something that happens to leave a great impression of a business. Don’t you just love it when a salesperson goes out of their way to find something that was made for you, a service person fits you in at the last minute, or when a server gently nudges you towards the best menu selection? I love when a BeeZers customer is pleasantly surprised by our customer service. It could be by finding out that we serve our hot dogs on amazing  fresh-baked bakery buns, (shout-out to Crown Bakery in Worcester). People are also pleasantly surprised to find out that we are a nut-free business, offer Chicago-style Vegan hot dogs, and use fresh Romaine lettuce and tomatoes from Berberian Farms for our wraps.

    Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?

    Several years ago, BeeZers was at another location in Northboro for 12 years. We employed hundreds of teens over those years. My most recent customer service story happened on July 12 when a former employee stopped by BeeZers to get her Chicago hot dog fix along with her 7-day-old baby, her husband, her sister (who also worked for us), and her step-daughter. You guessed it, my favorite part was getting to hold Baby Grace!

    Quick-fire Round

    • My first job was: At a dry cleaners in Chicbeezers wrapago. Fun Fact: Ernie Banks,“Mr Cub,” was a customer.
    • My favorite movie is: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. i love the epic tale of friendship.
    • I cannot live without: Laughter.
    • Beach or mountains: Beach!!!
    • The best advice I ever received is: Forgive. My dear, sweet friend taught me that it is not worth it to hold grudges because life is too short.
    • A cause I care deeply about is: Literacy. I have been a Community Reader in Northboro for 10 years. I love to share my love of reading with young children, and I hope I encourage them to read.


    Photo’s By Nicole Leblanc At Le Petite Studio

  10. Meet Dr. Karen Moriarty and Team at Northboro Chiropractic Center

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    Located at 6 Maple St, Northboro Chiropractic is celebrating 31 years of excellent care for our spines and our overall health.

    Tell us about your background and how Northboro Chiropractic Center came to be?

    As a teenager and young adult, I had worked in nursing homes and long term care facilities. I loved patient care. At the same time, I was deeply concerned about the poor quality nutrition, over medicating and callous attitude that seemed to prevail in these facilities. I wanted to make a difference and It was apparent to me that these patients were not really getting well. I thought I could help by going into medical research.chrio-4317

    I entered a pre-med program and was fascinated by human anatomy and physiology. During my last semester, a good friend of mine severely injured his lumbar spine. He asked me to drive him to a chiropractor that was near my college. As I helped him into the office, I was fascinated by the chiropractic educational posters that explained the power of healing from the inside-out through a healthy and highly functioning spinal column and nervous system. I witnessed my friend’s immediate and significant relief.

    After learning about the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic care, I knew that I had found the answer to my purpose in life; providing natural and effective health care that truly gets sick and suffering people well by removing interference to their body’s ability to heal itself. Chiropractic is much more than a career to me. It is my true vocation, my life and my lifestyle. I am grateful every day that I serve my practice members, my staff, my friends and family through chiropractic care.

    The addition of the incredibly compassionate, brilliant and talented Dr. Casey Gauthier in 2011 has allowed the Northboro Chiropractic Center to offer our services to more people.chrio-4269

    What inspires you?

    People especially the little people and all the bounty and beauty that nature offers.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    The ability to truly make it an expression of my vision of health care

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    While an associate doctor in Worcester, a chiropractor who owned a small practice in the center of Northboro came to visit my boss and suggested that I buy his practice.  That was 1985 and the rest is history!!

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    Most importantly for me is that it builds a sense of community. I grew up in Lexington, MA where everyone knew everyone. To this day, it has an incredible downtown shopping area.  We knew all the owners and could literally do all our shopping there and see all our friends at the same time.

    You’re celebrating 31 years. Congratulations!! What do you attribute this success to?

    Passion for what we do, being constantly inspired by our practice members and the sheer joy of working with people to help them create a level of health that allows them to live their best life ever!


    Quick Fire Round:chrio-4281

    • My first job:  Pineknoll Nursing Home
    • My favorite movie: I absolutely love movies but probably one of my all time favorites is Field of Dreams
    • I cannot live without: my family and friends
    • Beach or mountains: Any Rhode Island beach and the White Mountains
    • The best advice I ever received: everything happens for a reason!
    • A cause I care deeply about:  Finding solutions to the epidemic of drug abuse amongst our young people


    Photo’s By Nicole Leblanc At Le Petite Studio