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  1. Meet Sue from Just So Designs–Susan Ogar Photography

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    Just So Color LogoJust So Designs–Susan Ogar Photography is a Northborough-based studio specializing in children, families and high school senior portraiture.


    Tell us about your background and how Just So Designs-Susan Ogar Photography came to be?

    I’ve always loved art and design. I was 5 when I tried to create a photographic print from a slide in my family’s basement. When I was 13 I developed my first print in the darkroom and there was no turning back. It wasn’t a direct route, but the dream was there… In 2007, after a rewarding career in Marketing and Design, I decided to take the leap and follow my bliss. I had studied film photography and photojournalism in college and beyond and embraced the challenges of learning the the ins and outs of digital photography. Just So Designs-Susan Ogar Photography was born. My goal is to capture moments in the life of real people and create pieces of art that can be enjoyed for generations. I am a Board Member of the Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts and love working with and learning from other photographers.

    2015 Family portfolio logoWhat inspires you?

    Light, Life, Beauty…. Often the little moments inspire me. A mother kissing her child to comfort her or a quite moment between a couple…those are what I love to capture in my work. Life inspires my photography and photography inspires my life.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    I love that I can create something from soup to nuts and I love working with people. It’s funny, when I started in photography, I was doing mostly landscapes and artsy work. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to photograph people. Now, the people are my favorite part!

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    Northborough is my home. It just made sense.

    We moved here 15 years ago from the city to raise our family in a smaller town with good schools and access to great locations. What we found was a rich local community filled with amazing shops, restaurants and, best of all, wonderful people.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    I have always loved local businesses–even as a kid, growing up in Sudbury, I used to love to go to the local gourmet shop for cheese and candy, and later in Boston and Brookline. Local business is the heart of every community.2013 PPAM Portrait-1 Russo FB

    Being local and small, tell us what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

    Personal contact and relationships are everything to a small business. I love when I receive good customer service and always strive to give my best to each client. I want people to LOVE not only their photos, but also their experience with Just So.

    Favorite Customer Story: All of my clients come with a story. Two years ago, I started a special project Honoring Mothers of Children with Special or Different Needs. In doing the project, I have learned so much and met such amazing and strong women. The experience has changed the way I work with children and I am the one who is feels honored to work with such wonderful people.

    NLF -5513 Sue Ogar Final(2)Quick-fire Round

    My first job was: Mowing lawns with my brothers and working as a lighting assistant with a local wedding photographer.
    My favorite movie is: Stand by Me.
    I cannot live without: Sunshine and light.
    Beach or mountains: I am a true Beach girl. My husband loves the mountains. So, now I love both….
    The best advice I ever received is: The best things in life aren’t things.
    A cause I care deeply about is: Education and Pediatric Cancer. Our family has recently become involved with the amazing Ty Louis Campbell Foundation (SuperTy).


    Photo’s by Nicole Leblanc at Le Petite Studio

  2. Meet Kim Gebo of Ebb n’ Flow Yoga

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    ebbnflow logo

    Ebb n Flow Yoga is located at 265 Main St in Northboro. Whether on a mat or in the air,  giving you a new perspective on your practice is their goal.


    Tell us about your background and how Ebb n’ Flow came to be:

    Ebb n’ Flow yoga was an idea brought into practice by a mother daughter team. Whenever I ebb too high, she is always there to reel my head back out of the clouds, or whenever she flows too low I’m there to pull her back up to the surface. This comfort, strength, and confidence that we find in the ebb and flows of our own family is what we hope to establish here at Ebb n’ Flow yoga. The place for you to come to be grounded, to be well and to find ones true self.

    What inspires you?ebbnflow-4025

    All things can be a source of inspiration.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    Owning a small business allows you to be part of and serve your local community.  We wish to serve our community by promoting health and wellness and to inspire peace and bliss for many.

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    We already had a local connection and it made sense to continue that.

    Why do you feel that supporting local business is important?

    Supporting local businesses gives you the feeling of supporting your neighbor.  You get to interact with real people who live in, work in and support the community.

    Being local and small, tell us  what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

    We feel that being genuine and treating others the way you would like to be treated are strong customer service strategies.

    ebb n flow 2Quick Fire Round:

    • I cannot live without: good health
    • Beach or mountains: why choose?
    • The best advice I ever received is: Expect nothing and you will be pleasantly surprised with what comes


    Photo’s By Nicole Leblanc At Le Petite Studio