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  1. Meet Laurie Heffernon from Done in a Day Decorating

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    done-in-a-day-decorating-logoDone in a Day Decorating is located in Marlborough, generally serving clients within Greater Boston, Metrowest and Central Mass.


    Tell us about your background and how Done in a Day Decorating came to be?

    I have a Master’s degree in Economics and for 11 years I worked at Sun Life in Wellesley in insurance product management and marketing.  I originally wanted to go to school for interior design but I could not make that work at the time, so I went down a different road.  I left Sun Life after the expenses of my daughter’s college were complete.  The timing was then right for a change.   I started my design company in November 2004 after I became certified in staging (to sell a home) and redesign (use what you have decorating) – hence the name “Done in a Day Decorating”.  My business has evolved over 11 years to be

    more traditional interior design, but I still do an occasional staging or redesign job.

    heffernon bedroomWhat inspires you?

    The beauty of the world and its spaces.  I am always looking at the details wherever I go, I like to internalize what makes things looks great, and why some things are off. This gets me in trouble if I don’t watch my eyes when I get invited to a party in someone’s house!  I love color, depth, texture, balance, and fun design!  I dream interior design!

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    Independence; owning the “product” yourself; meeting new people weekly and working with other small businesses.  I also like the freedom to visit my daughter and grandchildren in Virginia without coordinating one more person’s corporate project deadlines.  My business is flexible.

    Why did you choose the Northboro area for your business location?

    Because that is where I live!  I have a home office in my home in Marlboro but in 11 years I have met there with a client just once.  Client meetings are at their home or while we are shopping (if they like to tag along.)  My husband and I both grew up in Framingham and moved to Marlboro 18 years ago.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

    It’s hard to be a small business owner now. Just think what the internet has done to store owners?  Just think of the “free” heffernon traditional-dining-roomguidance store owners give away to patrons who then purchase online from businesses with low overhead.  I network within my business community on a weekly basis. There are innumerable ways to help each other succeed in our businesses.  Shopping local is so important to our economy, and to making it unique!

    You said you’re celebrating 11 years. Congratulations!! What do you attribute this success to?

    Studying the world and continuing my design education.  Happy clients who spread the word about me.  A formal background in business planning, marketing, and product management.  And, a great crew of local entrepreneur experts who advise me and make my designs come to life.  I could not do it without them!

    Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?

    That’s hard.  I have several favorite clients, but stories?  I would have to say that the best stories would come though situations where clients hire me because they know they have no design talent but they push back on every change that I suggest.  When I finally get them out of their comfort zone, and we finish the project, they can’t believe they fought so hard and have trouble parting with their room to go about life!  Success!

     heffernon traditional-bedroomQuick-fire Round

    • My first job was: McDonald’s in Framingham on Rt. 30.
    • My favorite movie is: Not sure…? So many.  I keep telling new homeowners to watch “Money Pit.”  You have to have a few months under your belt to appreciate it.  Make sure you go to the bathroom before you see it.
    • I cannot live without:  My wonderful husband John.  I would be lost.
    • Beach or mountains: Beach.  St. John every year!  But, we stay on a mountain there!
    • The best advice I ever received is:  If you don’t love what you do, don’t get stuck doing it your entire life.
    • A cause I care deeply about is: Education and preserving history for future generations.


    Portrait by Nicole Leblanc at Le Petite Studio


  2. Meet Vicki Martelli and Kim Reed from The Purple Rose

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    heading_GiftCertificateThe Purple Rose is located at 140 Main St. Once an antique store now an eclectic home decor and gift shop for the lover of vintage style and unique gifts.

    Tell us about your background and how The Purple Rose came to be?

    Vicki: I started with New England telephone in 1976 and eventually climbed up to a store manager position at a number of MA AT&T phone center stores. In 1995 there was a divestiture and the transferable positions were not to my liking, so I left the trade I knew for 23 years with no idea what was next. I always loved antiques and the Victorian Era and really wanted to open a tea room. So together, with another local business owner, we looked into the building at 10 Church St (now Special Tea’s). He would purchase the building and I would have rented the first floor. After many efforts to change zoning and some other issues with the building, the deal fell through. I set out to find my own building and on a whim in early 1997, I purchased our building at 140 Main St. The zoning would not allow for a restaurant (really a good thing since I can’t really cook to save my life) and I began to fill it with antiques. It’s evolved since then to the unique and vintage inspired home décor and gift shop we are today.

    Old Cash Wrap
    Kim: My story starts with making my Junior Prom dress. That’s when I decide to go to school for Fashion Design. I received my degree from Framingham State and American Intercontinental University in London and moved to Southern California. I worked for Guess for about a year and then mom called one day and asked me to design some unique and ready-made curtain panels for her customers. In 2005, I moved back east and with my designs I started my own silk drapery line that I had manufactured in India. I did this for a couple of years, but what I really wanted was to be on the retail side. The buying and decorating were what really interested me. So for the last 10 years I worked with mom updating and freshening up the store so it’s not just for the antique lover anymore. 

    What inspires you?

    Kim: For both of us it’s travel. Even if it’s just playing hooky for a day and jaunt off in the car. Other beautiful shops and our vendors are a huge source of inspiration so we love travelling to the trade shows to see their latest showroom displays.

    What do you love about owning a small business?

    Vicki: Everything. Being able to decorate or change things at our discretion. Also getting to know our customers on a hugging basis. They become like family.

    Why did you choose Northboro for your business location?

    Vicki: I have lived in Northboro for almost 40 years. It’s my home.

    Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?Small PurpleRose-6702

    Kim: Local business is Northboro. So are the community groups, the churches, the people. We are the people of Northboro and supporting our own makes the town stronger as a whole. The friends and connections I have made through Northboro Local First are invaluable.

    Being local and small, tell us what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

    Kim: Get to know your customers, if they let you. Some people are private, and that’s ok, but acknowledge them. Remember what they’ve bought and make suggestions. Ask them how their husband, baby, mother… are doing. Show them you care, because you do. Since we’ve been in business for 18 years, we’ve seen some of our first customer’s children get married or have babies of their own. Second generations are now shopping with us. We’ve grown with them and heard their stories and know them. Through good times and bad.

    Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?

    Kim: There are so many it’s hard to share just one. I enjoy making our customers laugh and we do that a lot here.

    Vicki: I feel the same as Kim, but I do have this strange ability to think of a customer that I haven’t seen or that I’ve been thinking about and they show up at the store within a week or so. Our customers love to hear that we think of them.
    Small PurpleRose-6666Quick-fire Round

    • My first job was: Vicki– Community National Bank sorting checks.  Kim– Tougas Farm making the donuts
    • My favorite movie is: Vicki– Gone with the Wind.   Kim– Right Now… Midnight in Paris
    • I cannot live without: Vicki– My husband and Sammy our shop dog.  Kim: Family, chocolate, a good book, the seasons, history.
    • Beach or mountains: Vicki– Beach. Kim– Both
    • The best advice I ever received is: Vicki– Be yourself. Kim:  My dad always said “You’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.”    
    • A cause I care deeply about is: We both are very passionate about proper mental health care.


    Photos by Nicole Leblanc at Le Petite Studio