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  • August 27, 2015 | Member Bios

CWlogoCraftworks is Located at 243 West Main St, tucked in the corner of the Lowes Market plaza, is a hidden gem of American and local made gifts and an array of classes fit for any knitting, crochet or fiber enthusiast.

Tell us about your background and how Craftworks came to be?

I come from a family of artists and have always been encouraged to find my ‘niche’ which turned out to be primarily quilting and sewing, and in later years evolved into anything that involved fiber of any type. Hence, knitting, crochet, weaving etc etc.NLF Craftworks-7 JS

In the early 80s we moved from Southern CA to Northboro and shortly thereafter I became involved with a craft cooperative in town – Craftworks. Craftworks opened their doors in 1979 and we have yet to skip a beat, adding new crafters all the time. There are over 80 crafters currently involved with the shop.   

What inspires you?

I am truly inspired by nature, colors and textures, especially the unexpected combinations. If you stand still and look around you will be amazed at all the colors, shades of green, textures of everything around you and translating this into yarn/fiber … Maybe I see fiber dyeing in my future! But in the meantime definitely adding weaving ….

What do you love about owning a small business?

I love the flexibility of being able to help folks, support the community in small ways and share the love of what we do with others.

NLF Craftworks-6 JSWhy did you choose Northboro for your business location?

Many of the founding members of the original cooperative lived in Northboro – as does our family – so it made sense to stay here in town.

Why do you feel that supporting local businesses is important?

Local business is able to give back to the town in so many ways that a large business  is not able to do. We get to know the folks who live here, their passions and their struggles, and as they visit our shop we are able to reach out in so many of the small ways that make a difference in people’s lives, like giving them a much needed hug, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on and to help them find the perfect gift or project. Small business is the fabric that lends a hand to a town defining its character.

NLF Craftworks-12 JSBeing local and small, tell us what you feel is the most important element to customer service?

One of the most important elements is that we are able to reach out to customers and make them feel special as they all are, and to be aware of what is going on in their lives, to share with them things we think they will enjoy.

Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?

There are so very many it would be difficult to choose one…. so many small things like being able to help an 80+ year old customer who wanted to pick up and finish a sweater she started over 30 years ago. We were able to figure out the pattern, where she was, she finished it and wore it proudly!

NLF Craftworks-2 JSQuick-fire Round

My first job was: as a lapidary

My favorite movie is: Pretty Woman

I cannot live without: my family and almonds

Beach or mountains: ohhh tough one – off season beach

The best advice I ever received is: to do what your heart says is right

A cause I care deeply about is: Wounded Warrior Project/ our Vets we owe them so much

Photos by Sue Ogar of Just So Designs

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