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  • August 6, 2015 | Member Bios
Located at 276 West Main St. Next to New is a resale boutique featuring gently used higher end clothing, accessories and home goods.
Tell us about your background and how Next to New came to be.
Leslie grew up in Ct. And I was born and raised on L.I. Both our Mothers were involved in local Hospital thrift shops. As teenagers we loved shopping resale and both dreamt of having our own stores . My Mom is 83 and still loves resale shopping and always helps out at our shop when she is in town.
What inspires you?
When customers come in the shop and tell us how much they love what we are about and how thrilled they are with all their ” bargains”.
2015 Next to New WM 8
What do you love about owning a small business?
That it’s just Leslie and I. We have the freedom to create and do things our way. We were friends before we were business partners and everybody warned us not to go into business together, that it would ruin the friendship. Well here we are almost nine years later and we couldn’t imagine this ride with anybody else!
We also love the relationship we have with our customers. We have a very loyal clientele and have shared life’s joys and sadness over the years with them.
Why did you choose Northborough for your business location?
Leslie and I have lived in Northborough for 20 years, raised our children here and have a strong connection to this town. Our dream of starting a resale shop was born one day many years ago while taking a walk and wondering what to do for ourselves once our kids left for college. We decided to take a leap of faith together and have never looked back.
2015 Next to New WM 5Why do you feel supporting local business is important?
It helps to keep the dollars in our community. Small businesses are the backbone of America.
Do you have a favorite customer story you want to share?
We have two favorites!
A beloved customer who has since passed away, came into the shop one day, noticed a girl trying on a prom dress and insisted on paying for it!  The girl was beyond thrilled and so thankful. It was such a wonderful act of kindness that we won’t forget.
My son lives in a group home. One of the residents needed a Wedding Dress for a commitment ceremony. Leslie and I found the perfect dress at the shop that looked absolutely stunning on her. We gave it to her as a gift and the joy on her face is one of the many reasons why we do what we do.

2015 Next to New WM 4Quick fire
What was your first Job? Andrea, selling chocolate chip cookies in the Hamptons.  Leslie, Conservation Core.
What is your favorite Movie? Andrea- Godfather.  Leslie- It’s a wonderful life
What can’t you live without? Andrea- family and friends.  Leslie- family and friends
Beach or Mountains? Andrea-love them equally.  Leslie-Beach.
What is the best advice you’ve recieved? Andrea- be kind to people, it’s that simple.  Leslie- be yourself
A cause I care deeply about.   Andrea- Fragile X Syndrome, my son is afflicted with this and I hope for a cure someday.  Leslie-Heart brothers foundation.

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