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  • September 30, 2016 | Member Bios

Tell us about your background.

Ginger:  I have been doing hair for over 20 years, I’ve always worked in the Boros. Nicole and I worked together for years and wanted to go out on our own and definitely be in Northboro.  This is our 7th year in business now and its great.

Nicole: I come from a family that has owned a small business in Shrewsbury for 96 years.  I grew up here in Northboro, went through the school systems and graduated from Algonquin.  I graduated from Rob Roy hair academy in 1995 and jumped right into the business.  I have been an assistant manager and manager of salons.  Ginger and I had worked together for years when deciding to go out on our own and start a new adventure together.  In 2009 we opened Allure Hair Spa.

What inspires you?

Ginger: People inspire me.

Nicole:  My inspiration is helping people in any way that I can and making them feel good about themselves.


What do you love about small business?allure002

Ginger:  I love that you can be a little more personal with people.

Nicole:  I love the ability and freedom it gives you to make decisions that help people and the community that I personally feel are important.


Why did you choose Northboro?

Ginger:  We love Northboro and all of our clients are in this area.

Nicole: There is not a better town than Northboro.  As a true “townie” raising a third generation here, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

allure003Why do you feel that supporting local business is important?

Ginger:  We need to support eachother and work together to keep this a great community.

Nicole:  Local business makes a town what it is and keeps the community close.



allure004Being local and small, tell us what you feel is the most
important element to customer service?

Ginger:  I believe you need to be as helpful as possible, make people feel welcome and comfortable.

Nicole:  It’s so important to be available and there for your clients. communication and support is so important.


Quick-fire Round

  • My first job was:  Ginger – Chelo’s Restaurant.  Nicole – Country Candle in Northboro.
  • My favorite movie is:  Ginger – Forrest Gump.  Nicole – Titanic.
  • I cannot live without:  Ginger – Family, wine & cheese.  Nicole – Coffee & family.
  • Beach or mountains:  Ginger – Beach.  Nicole – Both.
  • The best advice I ever received is:  Ginger – in trying times, it’s time to try.  Nicole – Follow your heart and always stay true.
  • A cause I care deeply about is:  Ginger – Cancer research.  Nicole – Alzheimers.

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